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Belgrade is blooming. So should you.

Along with our friends from DechkoTzar we have crafted 100% cotton tees.

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A new coffee shop is blooming...

A short walk from Saint Sava temple or just a corner away from Nikola Tesla museum, Bloom pop-up coffee shop is a great place to hit “pause” on your daily activities and have a moment for yourself.

We want to encourage people to explore new ways of drinking coffee and introduce them to the broad palate of tastes and aromas that specialty coffee offers.

Find us at the corner of Prote Mateje and Njegoševa street, in the elegant and beautifully designed Luff Gelato – meaning you can enjoy both specialty quality coffee and handcrafted gelato, all in one place.

The sweetest cappuccino I ever had!

– Tamara, Slovenia

Find inspiration in every cup

Our baristas always use 100% specialty single origin Arabica beans produced in various countries and serve them as different types of beverages that appeal to everyone’s taste – from espresso to filter and cold brews.

To keep things fresh and exciting, we occasionally introduce coffee beans from a different origin, or from a different roastery. That way our customers can always try something new.

Consistency, quality, precision, and exceptional customer service is essential to us, and we strive towards making every cup a memorable experience.

Featuring: Pour-over coffee

The most common home coffee brewing method in Serbia is cezve or ibrik. It is a tradition which is old as the country itself.

However, with our philosophy of introducing new ways for customers to enjoy their favorite beverage, we feature an alternative method of coffee brewing – the V60 Dripper.

It requires a special filter paper, light-roasted coffee beans, and knowing when to pour hot water over the grounds. The result is a tealike beverage with distinctive and bright taste.

Don’t just take our word for it – come and try it!

specialty coffee roasters

Bloom Coffee

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