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Barista Training

Thinking about improving your coffee skills?

We offer a unique take on coffee classes – tailoring the training to your individual needs, whether you are an aspiring coffee professional or laid-back enthusiast.

If you are recently introduced to the specialty coffee scene and interested in learning more, we suggest our coffee foundation course! It’s a quick and easy way to start your coffee journey.

Our owner and head-barista, Nenad Stojanovic, is a 2010 and 2016 Serbian Barista Champion and a go-to coffee trainer in Serbia’s specialty coffee industry.

Here are several frequently requested classes:

  • Introduction to coffee: origin, processes, brewing methods.

  • Espresso basics: understanding your equipment, grind size, proper tamping, distribution, and extraction.

  • Latte Art: proper milk frothing, basic shapes, symmetry, and contrast.

  • Brew: different methods, grind size, proper extraction.

  • Sensoric: exploring different flavors, tastes, aromas, tasting different extractions.

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Coffee Consulting

Are you planning on opening up a specialty coffee shop? Or are you looking to improve a certain aspect of your coffee business? 

We know the ropes and aren’t going to hold anything back! 

Besides his connections in specialty coffee industry, Nenad has experience with:

  • barista training and coffee education, 

  • small business operations,

  • purchasing and maintaining the right coffee equipment,

  • sourcing coffee,

  • purchasing the right coffee beans,

  • coffee roasting,

  • group training. 

“Cafés are all alike; specialty coffee shops are unique in their own way” — with that in mind, our coffee consulting service is customized to fit your needs!

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Coffee Catering

We love sharing the best coffees beyond the doors of our pop-up!

Armed with expertise, selected specialty coffee beans, and the right tools and equipment for the job our baristas offer a memorable caffeine experience at your next event, festival, or meeting!

Our espresso bar setup consists of a professional espresso machine, coffee grinder, coffee knock box, adequate water system and more.

For guests that prefer less intense but equally complex coffee drinks, we can also accommodate our brew bar, along with light-roasted coffee beans.

Who says you can’t enjoy a good cup of specialty coffee at events or meetings?

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